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Fuzzifun bamboo cat litter stands out in this eco-friendly pet product collection. As a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly pet supplies, we take pride in crafting innovative litter made purely from 100% natural bamboo.

The unique structure of bamboo controls odors naturally without heavy perfumes or chemicals. It absorbs liquid and deodorizes waste while the dust-free pellets are gentle on paws. We know how important litter is for a clean home and happy cat.

We empower pet brands by producing quality bamboo cat litter for OEM and distribution. This enables more e-commerce companies and brick-and-mortar stores to easily include sustainable litter in their product lineups. By supporting small businesses, startups, and growing brands, we aim to together expand the ethical pet supply market.

Why Choose Bamboo Cat Litter

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a symbol of quality.

Fuzzifun bamboo cat litter has passed the stringent SGS quality checks and meets the environmental standards set by RoHS. Not just that, it excelled in CMA laboratory tests, demonstrating its power in fighting bacteria, controlling ammonia, and managing aflatoxin B1. Simply put, bamboo cat litter ensures a cleaner, fresher living space for you and your cherished cats.
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Antibacterial rate
Ammonia removal rate
Formaldehyde / AflatoxinB1

30 days
ordor control


Biodegradable & Sustainable

Bamboo grows rapidly, making it an endlessly renewable resource that can be harvested again and again in a sustainable cycle.
It thrives in many habitats, allowing it to be sourced sustainably without harming ecosystems it grows in.

No bacteria
no Formaldehyde
no AflatoxinB1

OEM & Private Label

Your brand is our top priority. We exist to support and elevate your vision, not promote our own. That’s why we choose never to compete with our manufacturing partners by selling under our own brand name.
We don’t just manufacture products, we design solutions that differentiate you in the market and help you achieve your strategic objectives.
When you succeed, we succeed.


Discussing the requirements and expectations with us.


Making a sample according to the discussion.

Testing & Confirming

Conducting thorough testing to confirm the sample meets the required standards and specifications.

Mass Production

After confirmation and payment, we efficiently produce your products at scale to meet demand.


Checking the product for defects or issues before it is shipped to ensure quality control.

Global Shipping

Transporting the product to you safe and fast.

Market Support

Providing assistance and resources to promote and sell the product.

Feedback & Optimization

Collecting feedbacks to improve the product and optimize its performance for better sales.

Create Top-Notch Products and Give Your Furry Customers the Best!

Answers at Your Fingertips

“The days of intimidating & confusing cat litters are finally over!”

The deodorization of Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter occurs in three stages: bamboo fiber absorption, the bactericidal action of bamboo quinone, and the inhibition of urea decomposition. Bamboo quinone, a natural antimicrobial component found in bamboo, eliminates bacteria at its source, preventing the production of ammonia through urea decomposition. As a result, odors are removed without the need for added fragrances. The litter is eco-friendly and naturally deodorizes.
No dyes are added during the production of Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter, so it presents the natural color of bamboo after removing its green layer. Due to varying growth periods, fresh bamboo itself may exhibit slight color differences.
Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter is made from plant-based fibers, similar to those found in bamboo shoots that humans eat. Therefore, if a cat accidentally ingests a small amount, it is not a problem.
Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter is made of natural bamboo fibers and does not belong to the bean starch sand category. Upon contact with water, its molecular structure doesn’t become sticky. The litter relies on guar gum and other gelling agents in it to stick together. Therefore, the solidification of clumps takes a bit longer than with starch-based sand. If water is poured too quickly or if you scoop right after your cat urinates, clumps might fall apart.
A certain amount of dust when pouring is normal and is caused by friction during transportation. However, due to the relatively heavy particles, they won’t float in the air and won’t affect pets’ respiratory tracts.
It depends on the settings of the litter box. If the setting is to clean up the litter immediately after the cat leaves, it is not suitable to use this cat litter because its clumping time is slightly longer compared to starch-based cat litter. However, if you can set the litter box to clean up after 10 seconds of the cat leaving, then it can be used.
Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter’s natural bamboo fiber structure can absorb moisture instantly and dissolve quickly in water, so it won’t clog the toilet. However, since the weight of each cat’s urine and feces can vary, it is recommended to wait for 10 seconds after pouring the litter into the toilet before flushing. Additionally, it is not advisable to flush too many litter clumps at once.
Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter does not contain any added fragrances. The distinctive smell you detect is the natural aroma of fresh bamboo, which is a faint and pleasant scent inherent to bamboo itself.
Yes, Fuzzifun Bamboo Cat Litter is safe and has undergone rigorous testing. It has an effective antibacterial rate of over 90% against Staphylococcus aureus. The content of aflatoxin B1 exceeds both Chinese and international standards by 1000 times and 100 times respectively. Formaldehyde content was tested using UV-Vis, following the European Union EN717-3:1996 method, and no formaldehyde was detected. It also meets the export safety standards of the European Union, as testing for 26 harmful substances all came back negative.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products varies based on production capacity and packaging type. We offer low MOQ options starting at 500 pcs. Contact us for more details! We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your needs.

Absolutely! We’re delighted to offer free samples. Simply provide us with your courier account, and we’ll manage the delivery. The express fee will be addressed once you proceed with a formal order.

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