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Your Trusted Partner in Custom Pet Product Manufacturing

Create your private label pet products effortlessly with our OEM/ODM services. As a trusted and accredited manufacturer, we deliver top-quality, safe, and effective products with exceptional service and competitive lead times, empowering your brand’s market presence.

Who We Are

As a pet product manufacturer, Fuzzifun creates exceptional products that enhance pets’ lives. We produce a wide range of pet supplies & accessories.
Driven by our founders’ passion for animals, we infuse our care and love into every product we make. We prioritize the highest standards of quality, safety, and craftsmanship through rigorous material sourcing, designing, manufacturing and testing.
This commitment to values – care, quality, innovation, and customer focus – enables us to manufacture the best products to help pet brands enhance the experiences and wellbeing of their furry customers.

What We Provide

Pet Grooming

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Pet Technology

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Cat Litters

Furniture & Feeders

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Carrier & Travel

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OEM & Private Label

Your brand is our top priority. We exist to support and elevate your vision, not promote our own. That’s why we choose never to compete with our manufacturing partners by selling under our own brand name.
We don’t just manufacture products, we design solutions that differentiate you in the market and help you achieve your strategic objectives.
When you succeed, we succeed.


Discussing the requirements and expectations with us.


Making a sample according to the discussion.

Testing & Confirming

Conducting thorough testing to confirm the sample meets the required standards and specifications.

Mass Production

After confirmation and payment, we efficiently produce your products at scale to meet demand.


Checking the product for defects or issues before it is shipped to ensure quality control.

Global Shipping

Transporting the product to you safe and fast.

Market Support

Providing assistance and resources to promote and sell the product.

Feedback & Optimization

Collecting feedbacks to improve the product and optimize its performance for better sales.

Create Top-Notch Products and Give Your Furry Customers the Best!

The Answer Bank is Open!

Tired of the unknown? We’ve got you covered.

This FAQ contains answers to the queries we receive most from our valued customers, written to provide the insight and ease you want.


We offer a range of product development and customization solutions:

• Formula modification – Changing ingredients or ratios to meet your needs (for pet grooming and cat litters)

• Custom packaging – Unique bottle, label and container formats

• Logistics and shipping – Optimizing supply chain and transport

• Product differentiation – Developing solutions that set your product apart

Absolutely! We’re delighted to offer free samples. Simply provide us with your courier account, and we’ll manage the delivery. The express fee will be addressed once you proceed with a formal order.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products varies based on production capacity and packaging type. We offer low MOQ options starting at 500 pcs. Contact us for more details! We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your needs.

Sure, you can use your packaging. Please send us samples for testing the net volume and sealability before placing the packaging order. 

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New Pet Solution to Grow Revenue!

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